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  • Posted by OpieandAnthony  / Nov. 4, 2006

    On Friday morning Borat stopped by the Opie and Anthony show to discus topics like antisemitism, Mcdonalds and the America toilet. This is only part one of the hilarious five part interview, if you're a Borat fan I highly recommend watching the other parts on

  • Posted by BadExample  / Nov. 4, 2006

    Justin is dared to jump off the roof onto the trashcans but that doesn't go very well. Who saw that coming?.

  • Posted by Medic1334  / Nov. 4, 2006

    Some guy gets smacked down by a Las Vegas Metro Police Officer after not complying with several requests by the officer.

  • Posted by Be_So_Slick_56  / Nov. 5, 2006

    I found one of those POP-UP games and I showed to my sister to see how she would react. I was no expecting that kind of a reaction. After the camera turns of she cried non stop for 30 min. I felt so bad

  • Posted by MaTuX  / Nov. 5, 2006

    People will just never learn, I dont know why this guy thinks he'll be able to run over a moving car and land it. He's not Jackie Chan. Lets save the stunts for professionals.

  • Posted by Marcell_ledbetter  / Nov. 5, 2006

    Watch this guy turn into a paraplegic gimp after he has his wife taze him while trying to shotgun a can of beer. I'm so glad tazer videos are making a comeback they are my favorite.

  • Posted by boomerang75  / Nov. 5, 2006

    Guy scares the crap out of sleeping wife with his Darth Vader routine. This might not have been what their relationship therapist meant by role playing.

  • Posted by Staff  / Nov. 5, 2006

    We posted this video almost two years ago but a bunch of people requested it this weekend for some reason. I guess people were doing a lot of flaming shots to celebrate the Saddam verdict? Well anyways I dont think a flaming shot could go any worse than it does for this guy. From now on lets just stick with Irish Car Bombs.

  • Posted by S_M_N  / Nov. 6, 2006

    A guy jumps off the roof of a six floor building trying to land in the pool. He scored a 9.5 with the French but only a 3 with Russians.

  • Posted by Staff  / Nov. 6, 2006

    Fox News reporter Jane Skinner slips up when talking about Iraq's Top Cop. Shep shouldnt be so quick to judge he's made some funny Freudian slips himself in the past.

  • Posted by Staff  / Nov. 6, 2006

    This nutbag shows spiderman how it's really done by scaling a colossal building, no ropes or harness. If only he could fly, then he probably wouldn't have been arrested.

  • Posted by boomerang75  / Nov. 6, 2006

    Criminal Masterminds usually flee the scene of the crime and go on the lamb. These idiots fight their way out of the store only to realize they want to come back and fight some more.

  • Posted by Staff  / Nov. 6, 2006

    This is an awesome video of a missile being dispatched in slow motion. I wonder how they got the camera to move so perfectly with the missile, think about how fast it must be going. Crazy!

  • Posted by DanRoss  / Nov. 7, 2006

    At last night's Country Music Awards super star Faith Hill has an interesting reaction after hearing that she lost Female Vocalist of the Year to Carrie Underwood. I guess Faith had a lot of faith that she was going to beat an American Idol. Man! I feel like a loser!

  • Posted by S_M_N  / Nov. 7, 2006

    This is some fairly shocking footage of a woman getting run over multiple times in an alley. Was this an accident? Can anyone understand what the news person is saying?

  • Posted by micahv  / Nov. 7, 2006

    This guy goes into Burger King and orders the Octo Stacker which consists of 2 buns, 8 patties, 9 pieces of cheese and 16 pieces of bacon. That should be a fun trip to the bathroom.

  • Posted by Staff  / Nov. 7, 2006

    These college guys fill a condom with gallons of water in their bath tub. Who knew a condom could stretch that much? Why would it ever need to???

  • Posted by Webber123  / Nov. 7, 2006

    Somehow a truck has been accidentally parked on the train tracks during commuting hours. I guess the conductor did not find out soon enough.

  • Posted by Staff  / Nov. 7, 2006

    To raise awareness for Restless Leg Syndrome these British guys got paid to set up probably the best Rube Goldberg Contraption that I've ever seen. I love the part with the bath tub and the swimming doll. Very creative and very well done.

  • Posted by Bonaprte666  / Nov. 8, 2006

    Being a single mom and getting some alone time can be difficult. This mom makes sure her kids are safely away with the babysitter before having a male friend over. Whats she gonna do if the kids come home early?

  • Posted by timlovesr34skylines  / Nov. 8, 2006

    Remember that Snow Sailing Video of that guy clearing that road on break. This is more of the same sport "Snow Kiting". Here are the good people from Ozone Testing the Ozone Frenzy 06, pulling all kind of tricks.

  • Posted by arnaz1  / Nov. 8, 2006

    Mike volunteers to help with some fairly boring field research. Well little does he know that field is full of active mines and he is on Scare Tactics.

  • Posted by wette  / Nov. 8, 2006

    After years of declining ratings and interest in Olympic Ski Shooting, the sport finally received a much needed make over. This is now my favorite sport.

  • Posted by Staff  / Nov. 8, 2006

    Apparently a television crew was following KFED the day Britney dumped him. They were even filming him when he received the text message from Britney about the divorce. Brutal!

  • Posted by Staff  / Nov. 8, 2006

    A guy tells his girlfriend that he's too sick to go to her cousins wedding and instead goes to a bar with his buddies. When the girlfriend calls to check up on him he acts fast to cover his lie.

  • Posted by Bored88  / Nov. 8, 2006

    This genius gets thinks he's a stunt man and decides he's gonna try to jump over a moving car. Ouch! That's gonna leave a mark, on the car.

  • Posted by ZOOWEEKLYUK  / Nov. 8, 2006

    Keeley Hazell looks amazing as Kylie Minogue in this photo shoot. Everyone knows about Keeley's front but who knew she had such an amazing back side?

  • Posted by Staff  / Nov. 9, 2006

    Someone has recut "Office Space" into a slasher/thriller trailer. Seems like someone took one too many staplers from Milton...