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  • Posted by Staff  / Mar. 24, 2006

    I know this is just a commercial for Party Poker but I needed something to post to remind everyone to register for our next tournament. We are giving away $7500 this time around and the tournament is scheduled for Thursday April 27th at 9:00pm EST. Whether your a member of Party Poker or not everyone is eligible to play for free but you got to register. a href='' class='linkb'MORE DETAILS HERE/a

  • Posted by Staff  / Mar. 24, 2006

    While going through some of our older content I came across this video which is one of my all time favorite pranks. Their is only seven more days in our April $500 Prank contest so think of a good one, film it, and send it in.

  • Posted by Staff  / Mar. 24, 2006

    The rider pulled into first place when moving around a couple corners. When he hit the straight away he hit it too hard causing him to pop a wheelie and wipe out.

  • Posted by contrast  / Mar. 24, 2006

    A skater tries to grind a rail but gets caught and takes a nasty fall. Sorry if I ruined the ending but I'm pretty sure everyone saw that coming. And if you didn't see that coming, you might be brain damaged from a bad roller blading accident which is really ironic.

  • Posted by Staff  / Mar. 24, 2006

    With time running out in the championship game, this guy sees an opportunity to take the lead and seal his teams victory. The only problem is he's quite a distance from the goal. So he lines up and kicks as hard as he can...Something tells me the ref was a little biased the rest of the game.

  • Posted by Staff  / Mar. 24, 2006

    A girl misplaces her vibrator while visiting her beloved old grandmother. Panic sets in as she searches high and low for her favorite toy. Grandma's cookies will never be the same.

  • Posted by Staff  / Mar. 25, 2006

    Remove the glass from the doors of a busy mall and what do you get? A hilarious prank! Watch as these poor people go to push a door open only to get a handful of air and a face full of awkward. This is such a simple prank to pull off and you get a great reaction.

  • Posted by Staff  / Mar. 26, 2006

    There goes lives one through eight. I guess it's true that cats always land on their feet. Even after an 80 foot drop.

  • Posted by JaySteves  / Mar. 26, 2006

    Let me just say right off the bat that this is extremely dangerous and shouldn''t be attempted. We wont post any copy cat videos. That said, this is really brutal. This guy uses a hammer and a nail to pierce his ear. Lets pray that he only pierced his ear with a nail, and not a more sensative area.

  • Posted by Staff  / Mar. 26, 2006

    Now you're all in big big trouble. Fed up getting your butt kicked by people your own age and size? Boost your confidence and skills by beating up on middle schoolers. This method also helps you feel smarter. ODoyle Rules.

  • Posted by Staff  / Mar. 27, 2006

    One of the worlds greatest players walks pass a four year old kid. The kid reaches out his hand but when the player goes to shake it the kid pulls it away making a funny gesture.

  • Posted by Staff  / Mar. 27, 2006

    Pretty funny burger king commercial. If this is where new burgers come from, I dont want to know what they do to make the chocolate shakes. Gives a whole new meaning to the In N Out Burger.

  • Posted by Staff  / Mar. 27, 2006

    Jimmy Kimmel's latest installment of Unnecessary Censorship. I dont know how they keep coming up with funny clips like this. The first time I saw this bit I was sure it wouldnt last very long but his 10th version is just as good as the first. I especially liked the part with everyone''s favorite teacher Debra Lafave.

  • Posted by Staff  / Mar. 27, 2006

    This footage from a Russian air show crash is pretty incredible. I don't know what went wrong in the plane but the pilot has definitely lost control of the jet. It looks like he does his best to maneuver away from the crowds but in the end he can't prevent the crash. I hope everyone was ok.

  • Posted by Hewbert  / Mar. 28, 2006

    A couple kids start out with a 35lb and attempt to drop off a two-story balcony onto their buddies head. They miss. Their next attempt fails as well so they decided they need a larger balloon. The 100lb ballon finally hits the target.

  • Posted by Staff  / Mar. 28, 2006

    Not sure what this rider was thinking but it wasnt about turning. He completely misses a hook on the course and wipes out takin four other spectators with him.

  • Posted by Booge  / Mar. 28, 2006

    The greatest thing about these skaters is that I bet this guy got right back up and crashed several more times before he finally landed it. Too bad they cant divert this kind of persistence and dedication to something useful like curing diseases. You''d think one skater would at least invent a revolutionary new cure for broken bones. Like a cast that heals everything in 2 hours.

  • Posted by Kenny5_0  / Mar. 28, 2006

    Extreme escalator diving will not be a new olympic sport, calm down China. I dont know if this actually qualifies as a mishap. I think there has to be the possibility of a good outcome in order for there to be a mishap. So this would just be a really bad faceplant and an overall poor idea.

  • Posted by Staff  / Mar. 28, 2006

    Clowns creep me out in the daytime when I see them out in public. I cant imagine what it must be like to wake up to one screaming in your face. Especially if you''re hungover and disoriented like this kid was.

  • Posted by Phildo197  / Mar. 29, 2006

    These guys get their buddy to eat a chicken wing with a hot sauce ranking in at 357,000 scoville units. By comparisson regular tabasco sauce is just 2,140 scoville units.

  • Posted by Kdawg28  / Mar. 30, 2006

    Probably the best fast food drive through snags I''ve seen in a long time. The slow mo and chariots of fire effects definitely make the video. Notice the timing. He realizes he''s approaching too fast so he hits the brakes, adjusts and moves in for the kill. Well played!

  • Posted by Staff  / Mar. 30, 2006

    A kid gets Nintendo 64 on Christmas and proceeds to go insane. I definitely used to get excited on Christmas but this kid acts like he just won the won the World Series, cured cancer and hit the 300 million lottery all at once. Somewhere right now this kid is at some college plotting a way to get back at his parents. Watch him transition from box drum solo to power fist YES chant seamlessly.

  • Posted by Bcorn  / Mar. 30, 2006

    Since when is crutch dancing a fun after school activity? This guy knows he''s going down hard and theres nothing he can do about it. At this rate he''s going to be in a wheelchair by the time he gets to college. But he definitely gives the Powerhouse Preppies a run for their money.

  • Posted by Staff  / Mar. 31, 2006

    This is a tough little brain teaser. Its in another language but the idea is simple. There are two photos and the object is to try to find the difference in the two photos as fast as possible. They claim a certified genius should be able to find it within the first 15 seconds. It took me almost 3 minutes and only one guy at break solved it in under 15 seconds. Be honest and let us know your time if you beat it.

  • Posted by Staff  / Mar. 31, 2006

    A simple yet very effective April fools prank for those who havent thought of anything yet. Wait till your friend is nice and relaxed then scare the remaining crap out of him. Sounds like this guy had Benihana for lunch.

  • Posted by Miami2586  / Mar. 31, 2006

    Be careful of random boxes claiming to be giving away anything for free. Watch what happens as these unsuspecting people think they are looking into a box full of cuddly cute free kittens. The first attempt is ok, the second is priceless.

  • Posted by Staff  / Mar. 31, 2006

    Take one Land Cruiser, about three thousand golf balls and a friend who is late for work and what do you get? A classic April fools day prank. Where do you get this many golf balls and who had to clean that mess up? Regardless this is a great gag. Other hilarious things to fill a car with: Popcorn, jello, sand, and my personal favorite: Snakes.

  • Posted by Staff  / Apr. 1, 2006

    This guy has perfected one of the strangest bowling moves I''ve ever seen. All they need to do is grease that lane up a bit and hes got a pretty good chance at picking up the spare. Go Big Earn!