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  • Posted by imnosafebet  / Apr. 15, 2007

    Ha ha this is one of the funniest clips Ive seen in a while. Watch what happens when these kids try to crack open a can of carpet cleaner.

  • Posted by Staff  / Apr. 16, 2007

    I could just see this poor dudes kid at school and the teacher asking the kids what there Dad does for a living and him having to explain it to the class.

  • Posted by Staff  / Apr. 16, 2007

    This had to hurt. I cant imagine this is a legal in wrestling. This guy attempts some kinda move and ends up snapping his opponents back.

  • Posted by Staff  / Apr. 16, 2007

    This has to be one of the more ballsy skateboard stunts Ive ever seen. I wonder how many failed attempts it took before they finally landed it.

  • Posted by Staff  / Apr. 16, 2007

    This is video captured from a cell phone during this mornings shooting at Virginia Tech. Reportedly over 30 students and teachers were fatally wounded. Our hearts go out to the victims families of this tragic shooting.

  • Posted by PandaSmash  / Apr. 16, 2007

    A couple guys recreate Mario Kart in real life, they actually put a lot of effort into it. They have bananas, turtle shells, even a thwomp!

  • Posted by biggtrouble  / Apr. 16, 2007

    You could tell Arnold was destined for stardom after this appearance in a 1970s episode of the Streets of San Francisco. Apparently he played a professional bodybuilder Josef Schmidt who is dangerously sensitive to criticism, a sensitivity that leads inexorably to murder.

  • Posted by CaptianHowdy  / Apr. 17, 2007

    A cheerleader and her boyfriend attempt a part of their routine after a night out at the bars. The guy loses his balance and drops his girl from his shoulders onto the ground.

  • Posted by Staff  / Apr. 17, 2007

    This has got to be one of the coolest explosions I have ever seen. They must be miles away but shortly after detonation you can hear particles fly by their heads at incredible speeds.

  • Posted by Staff  / Apr. 17, 2007

    This kid hits hard after trying to jump his bike off a loading dock. His front wheel immediately falls of the dock and ends up whiplashing his face onto the concrete floor.

  • Posted by KINGABRAN  / Apr. 17, 2007

    I never would of posted this clip until one of our users commented that maybe the old American Gladiator Malibu is the father of Steveo from Jackass. What do you think?

  • Posted by Staff  / Apr. 17, 2007

    These guys who call themselves The Swedicks came up with the brilliant idea to saw off a branch of a tree while sitting on said branch. The results are pretty much as expected.

  • Posted by Staff  / Apr. 18, 2007

    Not sure what the heck this dude was thinking but he attempts to swing off the gutter of a roof and ends up bouncing face first off the cement below.

  • Posted by Staff  / Apr. 18, 2007

    This guy gets his buddies to film him doing a couple tricks down a hill on his mountain bike. On both attempts he wipes out hard. Think its time for our hero to find another sport.

  • Posted by chrisgdog  / Apr. 18, 2007

    This kid keeps calling some guy asking to be transfered to the sandwich department. Listen to how the guy pernounces half the words, community billboard! Ha ha.

  • Posted by phaded28  / Apr. 18, 2007

    I really dont think this dude could of landed any worse. He attempts to ski down a rail but his legs slip off both sides and then he smacks his face on the steel pipe.

  • Posted by Staff  / Apr. 19, 2007

    A cop tests out a dirt bike they recently confiscated from some kids in the police headquarters. She quickly loses control of the bike and slams into a file cabinet.

  • Posted by Staff  / Apr. 19, 2007

    A mother makes a quick turn on a busy street and her son falls out the side door. She doesnt notice he is missing until she sees him get up and start walking around to the front of the car.

  • Posted by NickyChicky  / Apr. 19, 2007

    I know this is pretty simple and silly but it really made me crack up. Sometimes the most basic stuff is all it takes.

  • Posted by Nexar1995  / Apr. 19, 2007

    Heres a really cool video that shows just how much more talented the Japanese are compared to the rest of the world. Either that or they just have way too much free time and have already cured all disease and homelessness.

  • Posted by Staff  / Apr. 19, 2007

    This is a real phone message that Alec Baldwin left for his 11 year old daughter Ireland who apparently has been avoiding his scheduled calls. This girl could be the biggest brat in the world for all we know but this is still a pretty harsh message. scav hunt, clue, WIC

  • Posted by Staff  / Apr. 20, 2007

    This cat is so lazy he would rather let his face drag on a running treadmill than actually stand up and walk.

  • Posted by Staff  / Apr. 20, 2007

    A couple of guys riding a motorcycle side swipe a van in the middle of an intersection and go flying through the air.

  • Posted by Staff  / Apr. 20, 2007

    This is actually an older video that has been sent in quite a bit lately so we decided to repost it. Its David Bradley explaining how and when he invented the keystroke ctrl-alt-del but gives credit to Bill Gates for making it famous. I love the look of death on Bills face after the comment.

  • Posted by brendabeaver  / Apr. 20, 2007

    A driver falls asleep at the wheel and plows into a gas station taking out a gas pump and half the store. Fortunately, nobody was seriously hurt in this incident.

  • Posted by DigitalInbox  / Apr. 20, 2007

    Our friends at Digtial Inbox sent in this video to celebrate a happy 420 day. She is smoking hot, literally. And, as anyone who has sampled a little bit of the Mary Jane can tell you, the smoking of the herb usually enhances almost every aspect of sexual pleasures. It's not just for making you really want to scarf down junk food, you know. Wouldn't mind experimenting with this lovely lady for awhile.

  • Posted by Staff  / Apr. 20, 2007

    A couple guys on motorcycles go cruisin around. One of the guys slows down to do a front wheelie but his buddy doesnt see him and slams into his side causing them both to wipe.