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  • Posted by ssproair  / Oct. 27, 2007

    A dude on a motorcycle gets clipped by a car that pulls out right in front of him which sends him sliding down the pavement.

  • Posted by gofortwo  / Oct. 27, 2007

    This is a pretty cool bar trick. Some dude places a piece of paper between a bottle and some coins and with a simple flick of the finger removes the paper.

  • Posted by budyarn  / Oct. 28, 2007

    A skater takes a massive ten stair drop but completely messes up his timing and ends up landing head first onto the concrete below.

  • Posted by Staff  / Oct. 29, 2007

    A rookie firefighter is instructed to hold a ladder as another firefighter climbs up but is quickly distracted and lets go of the ladder causing his buddy to fall to the ground.

  • Posted by kkorn64  / Oct. 29, 2007

    A couple girls start kissing at a party and at the exact moment they both lean up against a door someone opens it from the other side and they go crashing to the ground. Drunk friends making out = drunk wipeout.

  • Posted by JamesatWar  / Oct. 29, 2007

    Halo 3 brings a lot of guys a lot of enjoyment. But what we dont realize is how it affects other people in our lives. I say Blame Halo 3.

  • Posted by Irishwiley  / Oct. 29, 2007

    This is the story of 5 strangers who were chosen to live in an Ikea. To find out what happens when people stop acting polite and start getting real. But they probably should have told Ikea...

Group Of Arabs Fight In Street

Posted by DUHOK  / Oct. 30, 2007

Here is something you dont see everyday. A group of Arabs leave their church and in middle of the street break out in some pretty large brawl. They actually land some hard punches.

  • Posted by Indian_Larry  / Oct. 30, 2007

    This little girl became impatient waiting for her Dad to fill up the tank so she hit the gas and cruised off. She is ok and only had minor scratches from the wipe out.

  • Posted by GetAGripp  / Oct. 30, 2007

    A couple street performers in New York perform something that I did not think was physically possible: The human helicopter. That guy looks dizzy!

  • Posted by DeathWish808  / Oct. 30, 2007

    Some chick is talking on an old phone. As she walks to the printer the cord gets stretched out and ends up slipping off her ear and nailing her coworker in the nuts.

  • Posted by Staff  / Oct. 31, 2007

    John Rambo assembles a group of mercenaries and leads them up to a Burmese village where a group of Christian aid workers went missing.

  • Posted by gring013  / Oct. 31, 2007

    This guy reveals the Chris Angel saw through your own neck trick. Pretty cool and simple to pull off, freak your friends out for Halloween.

  • Posted by CutieMA  / Oct. 31, 2007

    In the competition for most unlucky cameraman of all time, this guy just took home the gold. In case you are wondering that is a 28 pound chunk of solid metal.

  • Posted by quarrygirl  / Oct. 31, 2007

    When they are not answering your tech support questions most Indian people spend their free time choreographing large multi-person dances and filming really cool music videos. God Bless India!

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