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  • Posted by  / Feb. 18, 2008

    Some kid tries to prank his Dad in the middle of the night but the prank backfires when he opens his parents bedroom door.

  • Posted by Bellerofon  / Feb. 19, 2008

    This thing is friggin awesome. These guys built a double barrel rubber band gun that 100s of rubber bands in a matter of seconds. I got to imagine reloads are a pain in the but though.

  • Posted by Indian_Larry  / Feb. 19, 2008

    A Karate instructor uses a high FPS camera to demonstrate his power in breaking a cinder block. As he makes contact with the block you can see the bones in his hand shatter.

  • Posted by enceptions  / Feb. 19, 2008

    Remember that video we posted about a week ago about the cop picking on the skateboarders. Well, same cop is at it again and while under investigation for the first video here he is picking on a kid and his RC box prank.

  • Posted by Scrum_Ruck_Run  / Feb. 19, 2008

    This is the sequel to the now famous Grand Central freeze prank last month.

  • Posted by DeathWish808  / Feb. 20, 2008

    Some girl thinks her car is short enough to slide underneath a barricade but watch as her windshield completely shatters as she crashes into it.

  • Posted by Indian_Larry  / Feb. 20, 2008

    Some punk on the subway is harassing a woman so another passenger finds a creative way to shut him right up.

  • Posted by mediablinker  / Feb. 20, 2008

    It's probably the unlikeliest cover of the Beatles' "Hey Jude." Four-year-old Ha Youngwoong of Korea manages to nail the lyrics to the classic track somehow, standing upright with a guitar around his neck. Sure, the vocals leave something to be desired, but give the kid a break: he's probably just as talented as Ringo.

  • Posted by AlanUltraSlo  / Feb. 21, 2008

    Best video of slow motion water balloon pop. I could watch this over and over a hundred times, and I may have. Best slow motion balloon pop ever.

  • Posted by brnxbmr  / Feb. 21, 2008

    This old guy was cleaning out the gutters and when trying to get off the roof he busts one of the gutters and falls to the ground.

  • Posted by Jikosh  / Feb. 21, 2008

    This dudes kid brother is a guild leader in Warcraft. All the guy did was lag the internet connection while in the middle of a raid and it took less than one minute for the guild leader to flip out.

  • Posted by Azbone  / Feb. 22, 2008

    This clip is making its rounds on the net and I got to admit I dont really get it. Let me know what you guys think.

  • Posted by Jonlajoie  / Feb. 22, 2008

    Jon Lajoie is back with words of wisdom on how to live a better and more fulfilling life.

  • Posted by eggmeister  / Feb. 22, 2008

    This guy makes Starsky and Hutch and all Nascar drivers look stupid. Serious skills.

  • Posted by Treson  / Feb. 22, 2008

    A windmill in Hornslet near Aarhus goes too fast and self destructs. Thanks to everyone who pointed out that Hornslet is actually in Montana NOT Arizona.

  • Posted by tripmcneely2  / Feb. 23, 2008

    These guys grab two of those big exercise balls and crash into each other running as fast as they can. Some of these hits look pretty painful.

  • Posted by DevilsxAssassin  / Feb. 24, 2008

    This guy and his team won the title of the fastest fire fighters in the world. Their speed is amazing however, you would think to win that title there should be some fire to actually fight.