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  • Posted by iamrook  / Sep. 15, 2008

    Almost any one would agree that this whip-wielding idiot gets exactly what was coming to him. Never hit a gift horse, unless you want to get kicked in the mouth. Such equine fury is always a moment away!

  • Posted by twindragon  / Sep. 15, 2008

    This wall street crisis is a serious issue. But, two guys behind this reporter are still able to find the lighter side of the story.

  • Posted by nqtv  / Sep. 15, 2008

    This French kangaroo is one of the trickiest pranksters in the animal kingdom. The panda bears from the 'Jackass' movies don't even come close.

  • Posted by camjuliencaron  / Sep. 15, 2008

    This kid fails multiple times at a double backflip on a ramp and finally after landing on his head enough times he pulls it off.

  • Posted by cheatah55  / Sep. 16, 2008

    Cat videos like this one are actually kind of creepy. This cat moves up a hallway without ever moving its feet. We bow to your skills, Ninja Cat. Easily the sneakiest of all the cats in cute cat videos. Cat videos don't normally show off this kind of tactical expertise, but it's nice to see.

  • Posted by Breakidoo  / Sep. 16, 2008

    The odds of being hit by a bullet ricochet are probably a billion to one, but I doubt that this incredibly lucky guy will think twice before putting a helmet on next time he picks up a rifle.

  • Posted by BLL_Video  / Sep. 16, 2008

    If MacGyver had to make a contraption that breaks light bulbs on the faces of idiots, and he only had safety pins and a cell phone, he would have made this.

  • Posted by Charlie01  / Sep. 16, 2008

    As the gate closes, this woman tries to pull an Indiana Jones by dropping a bag and getting out of the way. She isn't as quick as Indy, but she manages to get out ok.

  • Posted by ajc7099  / Sep. 16, 2008

    This kid is really pissed off that someone stole his plant so he tries to start a fight with a cheap shot to some innocent kid.

  • Posted by CrapFactory  / Sep. 17, 2008

    Not only does his fighter get knocked out, the corner man takes a vicious left jab from the ref. They will have to ask the judges whether that counts as two knockouts on the record books.

  • Posted by Chat_Stew  / Sep. 17, 2008

    Too bad his glittery parachute pants didn't soften his fall onto the amplifier. His band mates look for a second to see if he gets up, but the show must go on!

  • Posted by vvinni  / Sep. 18, 2008

    The very first jump on the course is a little too tough for these kids, except for the one on the far right. He rides on to victory.

  • Posted by Rootsman  / Sep. 18, 2008

    These kids jump off the top of an oil tanker into the ocean. After hearing the sound of them hitting the water, I think its a safe bet that going to leave a mark.

  • Posted by pinchandtwist  / Sep. 19, 2008

    This guy took a picture of himself every day for the last 17 years and then streamed the pictures into a 2 minute video. Imagine if Amy Winehouse tried this.

  • Posted by cheatah55  / Sep. 19, 2008

    Apparently, this chick never heard of a tow truck and actually thinks she is filming that semi speeding down the highway in reverse at 70mph.

  • Posted by haveuseenmystapler  / Sep. 19, 2008

    Lord knows what this news piece was actually about, but it certainly didn't start out as a piece on pig copulation. They certainly broke that story wide open here. The reporter's reaction to the farmer and his pig is amazing. Use caution with the volume if you watch it at work.

  • Posted by tyvick23  / Sep. 19, 2008

    Who would've thought that Middle Eastern guys shoot cans off each other just like rednecks? Maybe our cultures aren't so different after all...