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  • Posted by Staff  / Dec. 20, 2012

    When you get to Craig Robinson's bit at the end, you'll lose it. Seth Rogen, Danny McBride, Jonah Hill, James Franco, Craig Robinson... Seriously. Just watch this.

  • Posted by Staff  / Dec. 21, 2012

    The Mayans predicted our demise and that day has come (however, they couldnt predict their own demise, yet people take this seriously, so...). As youre preparing for life to end, youll go through many emotions. Sadness, madness, possibly happiness, all of this combined. And youll be pondering what everything was all about, why were were even given a chance to live life and be a part of this crazy world.Here are the five biggest questions youll ponder. Each one is answered by the five main members of our editorial staff. Youll laugh, cry, wonder how you will answer, wonder why you are so hungry (serious, the end of the world makes you hungry. Maybe its a sadness thing too?)

  • Posted by Staff  / Dec. 22, 2012

    GIFs were a big deal in 2012. Everyone was using them, even my mother (however, my mother was actually using JIF peanut butter, but she was so excited about being in tune with the times that she bragged constantly about using gifs and eating a gif sandwich and rubbing gif on my father when... and then I hung up). I love my mother, but she is getting a little old. Sometimes its like she doesnt even know what she is saying. Why do I want to hear about her and my dad? What makes her think thats something I want to learn about them? Weird, man. Super weird. I dont tell her about my peanut butter adventures, you know?

  • Posted by kincaid198  / Dec. 23, 2012

    Everyone knows this shark is silent but deadly in the water. These guys just found out first-hand.

  • Posted by Mark-Potts  / Dec. 23, 2012

    Mothers have a way of saying things in such a way that it gets under our skin. And not just a normal “under our skin.” But it’s Christmas. This isn’t a time to fight. It’s a time to be happy, peaceful, and enjoy some time with your family. At least, that’s what you’re supposed to do but because mom is being crappy IT’S VERY DIFFICULT TO DO THAT.Take a deep breath. Take many, many deep breaths. And read this guide that’ll help you answer those passive-aggressive mother questions you’re bound to hear.Hopefully, you’ll bring a grandchild home for Christmas before I die.How you want to answer – Why do I want a baby? Do you know what babies do? Cost money. How do I afford beer and video games if I have to buy baby food or a bone or whatever babies play with? A grandchild means fewer gifts for me, and you already suck at giving gifts now, so no thank you, mom. I’m going to keep buying sweat socks and dumping your dreams in those.